Thursday, June 5, 2014

awakening body scrub by mmerciencore

i didn't quite expect myself to love this product that much because i've always been a sabon body scrub fan! but OMG this is seriously the bomb!! i wasn't too sure if it was because i used it at the end of a particularly trying day so i had another go again and it was just as deliciously good as i remembered! 

the scent and texture is amazing. but that's not anything out of the norm, right? but its after you apply the scrub and especially after you dry yourself up with a fluffy towel.. it turned from so nice to ammmaaazing! i don't quite know if i have the right words to describe it. but the tingly warmth that comes from the ginger (with detoxifying functions!) is like a nice warm hug or that glowy soothing breath you take when you step out of a japanese onsen. so so good.

it's beautiful. and im definitely getting these yummies for my girlfriends for their birthdays!

ah love!



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