Friday, June 6, 2014

masak masak at the national museum of singapore

we have a love-hate relationship with school holidays! every place in town is jam packed full of people! its like weekend everyday! but we get to hang with our little friends on playdates and there are tonnes of shows and programs to check out around town!

earlier this week, mum decided to take blake to national museum to check out their masak masak exhibition! they were extremely impressed by last year's but because dear blake was teeny tiny back then (still crawling) he didn't get to enjoy it as much! so this year, my eager beaver parents went earlier to check out the exhibition to scout out the best spots to bring him!! how cute are they!

we parked at fort canning so it was easier to get started at play @ nms! blake was a huge fan of the puzzle tree and spent a lot of time ...

picking berries, transferring them to a basket, popping them back in and repeat. good thing it wasn't a very cool activity for the older kids who were mostly crowded around the cooking stations and the TV room! 

then one of the nice ladies at the museum told us that the queue for the light show was short so we should give it a go! well.. blake thought HE WAS THE SHOW!! he didn't quite get the concept of drawing with his torch and instead went around shining it down his throat and saying "ahhhh!" 

*tsk* boys!!!

my favorite was the "rouleaux" section! me and mum had a fabulous time peeking into each hole! they were all so intricate and beautifully done!!

then we moved onto the childhood game section! i gotta tell you though... they were more my mum's childhood toys! see what i mean? 

this cardboard play section was a winner with blake! it had all his favorite things and was a little quieter when we visited. 

we KNEW there was a DIY component in this section but avoided it on purpose. to expect him to sit and craft quietly is virtually impossible. but he spotted it and specifically told us that he wanted a car!! and so we did...

we told him after he was done with his car, he could put it up on the shelves to show other kids. and he was mighty proud!! :) 

and then he turned and told us someone else made a plane. great. great. way to make us feel good about ourselves!! 

im sure we'd be back again for more fun! if you'd like to check it out, the details are here! and for all these awesome kiddy-targeted activities.. i guess school holidays ain't that bad after all! 


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