Friday, March 21, 2014

singaplural :: singapore design week

you know those people that are always complaining that "singapore is boring.."? that's me!! i can think of a billion things i want to do in many other cities but when it comes to singapore, we find ourselves always at the same cafe or visiting the same stores!

so over the weekend, when we found out about design trails :: creative circuits, we were very excited to go. its a hop on hop off shuttle bus loop that starts at singapore design center and takes you around to cool little places. there were two loops and i wanted to go on the south loop because it covered nong by edible gardens at people's park complex and i've been meaning to check it out...

ok i lied... we were very excited in theory but up till the moment we got there, we were dilly-dallying and thinking of all the billion things we'd rather do around the house. but thankfully, daniel said "lets do it." and made me get one the bus. everything after was perfect and got a tonne of inspiration for our home!! he's really a good guy! 

we picked the places that were less accessible and more interesting to us. and passed on singaplural because we saw the open space and knew instantly we wanted to bring the little one to explore...

and we did! the next day, after daniel's race... he was a trooper and made everyone get out of the house (before we got too comfy). and boy did blake have fun weaving through the ribbons and running around in the open space. i wished they wouldn't take it down ever!

a lovely picture daniel & mama...

till our next adventure!!



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