Wednesday, March 19, 2014

at popo's house...

when they said it takes a village to raise a child, they sure weren't kidding...

every week, we chuck blake at my parents' place. we've been doing it since he was littler. he spends two nights there, not too long for us to miss him too badly and not too short to make the preparation worthwhile! as far as im concerned, it like the weekend for blake!

and he comes home with the most glorious tales and a whole new world of vocabulary!

at my parents' place, blake lives a completely different life! he lives by different rules and eat from an entirely different menu. and from the stories, he really sounds like a much more well-behaved boy. either that, or his grampies aren't telling me the whole truth.

what i especially love is the company he gets when he's there! my aunts and cousins come around to play with him. they send me the silliest videos and he picks up the funniest quirks. and oh the spontaneous playdates he enjoys is making me really jealous. 

where we live, a tiny city apartment, we hardly say "hey!" to our neighbours. everyone does their own thing. but where mum lives, we know all our neighbors and the kids all rock up in the morning, play around the yard.. come lunch time, all say bye and return home for some food and a massive nap.. then come knocking at the door of the last kiddo that wakes up (usually blake!).

honestly if you ask me, that is the best way to grow up. surrounded by your little friends, effortless playdates and tonnes of space to run around. that's exactly how i grew up in the company of my brothers...

maybe we do need to rethink our living options!!



  1. oh my goodness, you are all very lucky that you can do this arrangement. Not only that Blake gets to have great relationship with his grandparents and by the sound of it, your other relatives too, but you also get to have quality time with your husband. I am super envious :)

  2. My sister and I grew up in an apartment but back then we were friends with our neighbors too and had lots of friends to play with everyday after school and on weekends. Also the apartment grounds were huge so we had loads of space to run around and a pool to cool off at after. It really is the best way to grow up!

  3. Super love all his photos! I feel his glee!


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