Monday, March 17, 2014

our weekend and a little ice-cream treat...

i'd been looking forward to this weekend for a long time. in my world, it was a fabulous "MY" kind of weekend ... filled with friends, raucous laughter, birthday candles and exciting adventures. leaving me sore and exhausted and my love tank utterly full. also left daniel a little overwhelmed. our idea of good fun is slightly different, but bless his heart, he is always a good sport.

as we were powering through our sunday morning, getting everything sorted, checking on reservations, packing bags so we don't leave anyone hungry and costumes changed to suit the occasion, we hurried blake along with our plans. scooping him up when we get too impatient for his slow leisurely pick-every-pebble-i-spot, grabbed his shoes instead of letting him fumble them on.. 

there was NO time for baby steps. everything according to our/my lofty plan...

then this little guy, excitedly tugged at our hands as we were FLYING out of the house because he wanted to show us his new "imaginary ice-cream!" and all he wanted was a second of our time to show us how he eats his ice cream in ONE huge bite. it was seriously the sweetest thing!!

we are so blessed to have this happy little dude in our lives. he fills everyday with such joy and endless imagination. and needs so little to be so contented and happy. we took a moment to laugh at his ingenuity and squish his little body so filled with pride!! oh little one, we are so proud and in love with you.



  1. he has an amazing imagination! so cute :)

  2. your little bugaboo is turning into such a good looking little man! and to think i knew him when he was in your belly!

  3. Aww.. your boy is seriously one awesome kid. you are also one very adorable mum yourself. bless you!

  4. look at his tanned olive skin!! aunty trina has tan envy, blakie boy!! :P i can't wait to come hug and kiss you!! save some ice-cream for meeee xx

  5. He inherited your cool imagination :) Awww... and love his tan! Hehe


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