Friday, March 14, 2014

now THIS is my kinda retirement home...

we tease each other that we get the itch every two years! as far as our track record goes... we relocate every two years! :) and this august marks the two year anniversary of our move back to singapore.


heh! can't wait to see what's in store for us this august!

 {via missy nessy blog}

cruises ain't quite our cuppa tea just yet because we, as much as its physically / financially sensible, like to do things our way. BUT this sounds perfect for retirement! the world cruise, consisting of 165 homes on board, goes around the world taking your very own home with you!!

on board you have regular everyday things like supermarkets, yoga classes, swimming, tennis and restaurants all available at your door step! can you imagine waking up to a difference scene from your bedroom every single morning??

doesn't it sound like a dream for the older version of us!?


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  1. This sounds freaking fantastic! I guess I'll need to start saving up right now!


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