Monday, February 3, 2014

help needed :: tasty ideas for kiddies?

its not a secret but im not talented in the kitchen. i can make a fabulous bowl of instant ramen... and my vegemite toast is THE best on the block. 
(thank you very much!!)

i've been hopeless with babyfood. 

while other babies tasted double-boiled soups and brown rice porridge... we offered him a mish-mash of frozen cubies, steamed veggie and fork-mashed fruit. and we ate out so much we eventually gave in and fed him table food!

{scrambled eggs & grilled cheese}

 now that he actually has teeth and is building up a decent appetite, i think its time to step it up and try a few anabel karmel or one handed cook recipes! 

what do you think? 
what are your favorite kiddy recipes? 



  1. I have posted a few recipes that we've had success with with our little one ( Hope they help :)

  2. Vy's diet sounds a bit like Blake's! these days we do give her a lot of what we have though - i find it so much easier.

    Annabel Karmel's recipes are pretty good - I made this one for her the other day with pasta and added canned tuna which she liked. (i just used cherry tomatoes so didn't de-seed or take off skin etc and didn't have cream cheese so didn't use it. I didn't have zucchini either so just added carrot and some other veg instead. hmm didn't really follow the recipe!)

    One of her faves (and mark's!) are these quinoa fritters (i don't add the salt and pepper)

    fried rice is always a winner.

    These muffins also went down well for snacks (again i didn't season with salt and pepper)

    hope it helps! x

    1. thanks hon! :) where do you find time to make food, you super mom!

  3. those recipes were from the recent CNY holiday break so no work to worry about! but our helper does most of the cooking when she is around so can't take all the credit :) PT


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