Tuesday, February 4, 2014

our library :: ten little fingers and ten little toes...

we got a whole bunch of books over christmas! they're one of the things in life you can never get too many of and one of the rare things we indulge in...

if B wants to be read to, regardless of whatever time it is, we will sit down with him and read! sometimes he pulls a book and "reads" to us too. its kinda sweet and creative to patiently sit through a book (upside down!!). also, when his nose is in a book, no one disturbs him! 

reading time is GOLD! 

this little read is from his grand-aunt ruth in perth!

its quickly become one of my favorite reads. its easy and repetitive and i don't know if its just B but he is SUPER KEEN to flip pages these days. so if there are too many words on a page, he flips it before its done! very frustrating because we're in the middle ... *flip* you get the idea! 

its also a cute book to teach them about fingers and toes. i get him to wriggle them for me when we get to this page! (which happens a few times throughout the story!)

and THIS is something else little fingers and toes help you to do! 

thanks B for the demonstration and the cheeky flash of your bum!



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