Wednesday, February 19, 2014

chinese new year 2014

after our first year of mandatory chinese new year visiting, we found ourselves so exhausted from running around, bouncing between one home to another. in a good sorta way.... but tiring!!!
plus i reckon you only get exemption from nosy relatives questions for one year. so we abandoned traditions and ran away to bali. 
(which was a brilliant plan, might i add.. need to make this extra small cos if my mom hears of this, she will disown me)

but when we got home, we did a condensed version of chinese new year visiting!

basically went to my parents place! 
and tonnes of relatives and friends came to visit and play with blake! 

the papas took the kiddos to a new park to have a jump around before our fabulous buffet dinner of chicken rice!! 

so we got the best of both worlds. didn't have to do the stuffy awkward small talk and had truckloads of fun and had real conversations with the people that really mattered!!


shall we do it again next year? ;)

p.s. even though blake is a spoilt brat that has new clothes all year round, my mum sneakily bought him brand new clothes and pajamas to usher in the new year. what a blessed little child.

p.p.s. entirely by chance, we also stayed up past midnight on new year eve. so our parents (and i guess that includes us..) will live to a hundred years old. heh! its a new year tradition that we like to keep!! thanks to blakie who also, stubbornly, stayed awake the whole time.



  1. It is always tiring go house visiting especially with kids tagging along. I usuallystop at 3rd house.

    Kids always enjoy the attention and not forgetting the ang pows.

    1. yeah its tiring but fun! :) i reckon he'll enjoy it more in future when he can run around and play with his cousins! :)

  2. Hey Zhing, where's this playground? Is this in the East??

    1. near my parents' place in the northeast! :) if you don't know where my parents live (ie not my in real life pal), drop me an email and i'll give you the coordinates to this park!! its too awesome to not share!


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