Thursday, February 20, 2014

little things :: child label review

as we're planning to put blake in playschool soon, i started looking around for cute labels for his little things! after searching high and low, i found one online that sold me labels and also sucked me into personalized bottles, name puzzles, the full works... and on top of that, it came with hefty international shipping charges. 

so when child label offered to send blake a "give me everything" pack, i was beyond excited! 

aren't they adorable? 

the colors are vibrant and it looks so legit to have his name on stickers!! it was a no brainer to pick the "vrooom" design for that transportation-loving kid of mine. it also came at the perfect time because he just added "bike" and "plane" to his vocabulary, so he had a fun time identifying them as i labelled! 

i started labelling toys in his sand/water play kit!

little champy medal that we give him when he's well-behaved!! 

and then i got distracted ...

and labelled his favorite boots!! 

after a few easy successes, i ambitiously decided to work on his picnic mat. and for the undomesticated people like myself, iron-on labels are attached on using *doh* a HOT iron. its dead easy to use... just press a medium to hot iron onto the sticker while its pressed onto your fabric/whatever you're labelling and in about 10 seconds, its done. easy peasy...

but in about 3 seconds after i press the hot iron on, the (recyclable) fabric on his picnic mat started to melt! PANIC!!! and of course everyone else knew that you're not meant to use heat on recyclable fabrics!! so not wanting to waste my half-ironed label, i pressed it on a scrap piece of cotton fabric and made a button out of it...

not too shabby, right? 

and after a few days of sand, sea-water and rough and tumble play, our labels are still fabulous and sticky as ever!! 

we are loving our labels and i'll be getting a few sets of them as gifts for his little friends as they all start to go to kiddie school!!


we also have two sets of stickers (worth 15 SGD each) to share with our dear readers. take a look at their website or their facebook page (like them!) and let me know what is your favorite design in a comment below (and leave me your email address so i can contact you!). i'll pick two winners in a week's time (27 feb 2014) and send these adorable stickers your way!! 

*international readers come join in too!

thanks for participating and good luck! 



  1. Hi,

    We love your blog and Little Blakie is really cute.

    We love the 'Vrooom' sticker design.
    My email addr:

    Hope to get pick, so our baby Jaydius gets to have such cool stickers for his stuffs too.



  2. Hi, love the designs and would especially love to win "Dinos Club" for my son!
    My email address:

    Fingers crossed that we'll win a set! :)


  3. Hi

    I love the "vrooom" design. My little boy is into vehicles too!

    My email address is


  4. Hi Zhing,
    I would love to win the "vrooom" design too for my sons.
    My email address is


  5. Hi Zhing,

    I would love the "Tiny Dancer" for my daughter! She is starting pre-school next month and these would be the perfect labels for her school stuff! :)

    My email address is


  6. Hi Zhing,

    I would love the Vroom design for my niece cos she absolutely LOVES all modes of transportation :)

    Fingers crossed,

  7. Hi Zhing,

    I would love some Chinese Name Sticker Labels in Tiny Dancer for my little girl - it would also help her to recognize Chinese characters so win-win :) Living in Canada, it is near impossible to find anyone who does such adorable labels in Chinese too!
    Thanks and love,

  8. hi zhing,

    i would love the under the sea design as my daughter loves FISH!



  9. The Vroom design for my boys!
    They love cars,trains and buses!
    Basically anything that moves on wheels!

    My email is

  10. Hi Zhing,

    I opt for Vroom.
    Thanks for the chance of winning!

    My email address is

  11. Vroom design
    My email is

  12. Too many cute designs!
    Love the cupcake (and the whale, the vroom and ballerina designs too)!

  13. Vrrrrooom is the cutest for little (and Big) boys :)
    Thanks you!
    sharenz@ hotmail

  14. I love the mushroom kingdom!


  15. We love the Tiny Dancer for our girl!

  16. My boy loves vehicles so the Vroom design would be just nice for him. :D

  17. My favorite is the "Girl Patterns".
    Embarrassingly enough, it would be for myself. But hey, who said name stickers are only for kids. Adults can find great use for them too! (like... office stationeries?) :p

  18. Tiny dancer would be my little ballerina's fave!
    On a side note, I totally would order Alien invasion for my boy. They are so cute!

  19. Under the Sea :) for my LO. Thanks for all the give-a-ways.

  20. hi, i would love to win the Under the Sea for my girl as she loves going Fish everytime she sees one! Thanks for the the giveaways, my email address is

  21. Hi,

    I would love to win the Sugar n spice for my food loving chubby munchkin.

    Email: nicoletaysy[at]gmail[dot]com

    Thank you.

  22. I like the vroom series!!
    attheconyards[at]gmail[dot]com :)

  23. Hi, I love the Girl Patterns.
    Thank you for the giveaway :)

  24. We would love to win a set of "Rocket Science".

    Name: Chang Ling
    ~blake's and musashi's fan here!

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