Wednesday, December 18, 2013

tokyo :: blake's birthday party

remember this post about how i hated surprises? my girlfriend must have read it because she sheepishly sent me an email while we were in chicago to tell us that she was planning a surprise party for blake when we were in tokyo! how cute and thoughtful!!

of course i didn't mind! 
i mean who could turn down an excuse for a jen-styled party!

what a lucky little bunny!

the party was japanese themed! so plenty use of origami, beautiful japanese paper and japanese party food! 

jen also made sure there was enough food for young and old party guests alike!

just looking at the presentation makes me happy!

hmmm cheese and kyoho grapes....

blake was in HEAVEN!!! 

cute and cheery decor that could be seen even from the park!!

MY favorite cake of all time with a little blake touch!! how cute!!!

blake had a whole bunch of little friends rip the house apart with him (sorry jen!) and our own doting friends who indulged in his every whim and fancy!! 

aya and jorge! omedetoogozaimasu!!

the usual suspects! :) 

the steaks we grilled for the after party was DIVINE!!!

just us! 

at the end of the night, we rolled home (like we used to) all happy bellied and said our "thank you"s and "see you tomorrow!". it was hard to believe that bundled with us was our precious baby boy! but things felt so oddly familiar it was craaaazy! it was like we'd never left. 

that day made both of us wish that we didn't leave japan. so many things, especially in raising blake, would be done differently but our boys would still be showered with so so much love! and we'd still be us, living our adventure! *sigh* why can't we be in both places at the same time!!!

thanks jen! for a lovely party! and for loving blake.
you guys are still our best things in japan!



  1. is that aya, receptionist aya? also, jen is such a great hostess! i'm so sad i missed out on the dinner parties you guys had after i left. at least we got one good picnic and an interesting earthquake story!

  2. yes yes! and that's her awesome hubby jorge! :)

    shame you missed out but jen just gets more fabulous with her food and parties!!


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