Thursday, December 19, 2013

a little muu update ...

its been a while since i talked about muu! 

its not that he's been neglected but i was hoping to report when there was better news but maybe its time to accept that he's no longer a young punk!

i can't believe he is ten!!

in the past two years, he's slowed down a lot! if you've stuck around this blog long enough to go back into our japanese days, you'd remember videos of him racing his papa around our foyer! he used to be soooo speedy!! but since then, you can tell that his old bones can't go the distance anymore! he needs a while to limber up in the morning and he has been taking longer naps in the afternoon!

and since his last fracture, he's been diagnosed with arthritis in his hind knees. so year end, with all the rains, is not a good season for him. he's like a little weather forecast, he starts limping when its going to rain. poor guy!! 

we've also been very relaxed with sleep-training. if we feel like he hasn't had enough attention that day, he gets to snuggle up in bed with us. i don't know how many more years we have with him. but i know we need to enjoy every single moment we have with this little guy. our rellies find it hilarious that we are adamant that baby sleeps alone, self-sooths and not to be cuddled till sunrise. but with muu.... we're all googoogaagaa and cuddles!!

these two are such sweetums around each other. 

i think muu loves blake the most when he's napping. but when awake, they get into all kinds of mischief!! sometimes, i have muu running to me to "complain" because blake licked his hair. and sometimes, blake comes whinging cos muu ran off with his toy! (ok germaphobes, step aside please...) but on most days, if i don't hear from them, they are either in the playroom together, or squished on muu's pet bed or on the couch chilling! its the most darling thing ever.
headed off to give that sillybear a hug!!

thanks for being ours, muu!
and happy third anniversary, our love!

mama, papa and blakie-bear!


  1. Love hearing about Muu, no matter good or bad. Of course mostly good hopefully but his stories warm up my days. Rusty and I send good vibes over to him. Hope he grows older happily and comfortably.

    1. thanks rusty dear!! oh what we'd give for muu to be healthy and young like you dear!!! xx

  2. hi,
    I'm a long time reader of your blog, I love your blog :)
    I have a 11 year old shih tzu who sometimes like Muu limping (esp when the weather is cold). we normally give her this Wobenzym once a day and after 2-3 days she will be back to her normal self jumping around. We got the human version (since it's the same formula as the dog ones but cheaper) from iherb.
    You can read more here.
    Hope Muu gets better soon ! Merry Christmas!

    1. ooo thanks for the heads up CD! :) we'll check it out! he's currently on intensively glucosamine supplement boost from his vet!! when that ends we'll try that!


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