Tuesday, December 10, 2013

this deserves a post on its own....

i mean serious...

ichiran goodness...

regular strength broth, reduced fattiness, green negi, one charsiew (pass to d later), double spicy sauce, double garlic, firmness 1 noodles... 

and an extra topping of egg and extra side of negi !!

that is my kind of heaven!!! *swoon* 

makes it all ok that we're here at 3 am, seated amongst the late night party people in roppongi! 
completely out of place but totally in our little happy zone.

sorry kiddo! im unwilling to compromise on my double spiciness! you'll just have to grow up and order your own bowl of ichiran! 

p.s. not the most kid friendly place for ramen. then again.. most ramen joints aren't very kid friendly in tokyo! so don't come in your chunky strollers asking for a babychair! i think they'll raise a brow and chase you out nicely! :)



  1. Replies
    1. the best!! i try not to look at the pictures too often because they make me hungry!

  2. the day I become a parent, I think I will be like you. will forward this link to whoever who will say I'm a bad parent. hehehe.

    meh ! want to be in japan for some tasty ramen/ udon/ soba/ everything now.

    1. lol! :) we do whatever works best, eh? :)

      p.s. me too!


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