Friday, December 20, 2013

about babycarrying...

a while back, some of you asked some questions on baby carriers! and i promised to write about it (rather belatedly!!) but we've always been big advocates of babycarrying!

whenever we had a choice, we'd always sling blake up! we started when he was a wee bub and it was evident that he preferred to be held compared to the stroller. also because, we don't own a car, we depend largely on cabs and public transportation. so whenever possible, i'd prefer to not have to lug the stroller with me up stairs and into cabs!

to address the question of whether you'd spoil a child by holding them... i don't know! we think that if giving him cuddles and holding him gives him comfort and security, we're not holding back. plus, blake not a clingy child so the minute he hears us unclasping him, he's all FREEDOM IS MINE!!! *screams and runs around jiggling bum!* but we're first time parents too so what do we know! :) 

{holding you close babyboy!}

we started blake in a babybjorn. sheerly from a convenience point of view, the baby bjorn was the easiest to strap on while having to hold on to an infant! we got the sport version so it had a lighter fabric which meant that it was great for laundering (throw into the machine and done!) but our trade off was comfort. the shoulder straps were also less cushioned and when we held him for a longer time, our lower backs would feel it. 

but we only started thinking about a second carrier when we noticed that the carrier was leaving little print marks on his bum. (p.s. this was back when he got about 9kg!) we got an ergo, taking cues from the japanese, but instead of fancy prints and features, we stuck to the black and also a sport version! it worked great while we were on vacation so when we came home, we retired our babybjorn! 

compared to the baby bjorn, the ergo is way more comfy. i can baby carry him for longer, he is held snugglier and closer to me which explains why he started falling asleep more often in them!! the sport version has a slit vent at the back but it can still get warm after a long nap in the singaporean heat. they have a head support but blake HATES it! so we don't carry it out anymore! 

we plan to babycarry blake until its physically not possible anymore! he's starting to be more independent and wants to walk run around when we're out. so i think our days are numbered anyway!

are you guys fans of baby-carrying too?
any advice on whether carrying them spoils the kid?



  1. I carry my kid till she starts to walk.. Dun really like to have my kid in a stroller cos the only view that the kid gets are people's buttocks! Oh.. And I dun think carrying them actually spoils them.

    1. hahahha never thought of the view from the stroller but you're right!! :) bum and upskirts!! lol

  2. Babywearing is a good thing. :) There are people who are massive fans and people are are bleh. I'm in the middle :) When grocery shopping, I find the pram much easier. Re carriers, the ergo is known to be a bit on the warm side just due to the material. There are others like Manduca, Tula carriers... I think singapore has a babycarrier shop with everything (including woven wraps wow that's hardcore!) so worth to have a try if you want to get a cooler one? cheers, A

    1. me too! :) whatever works easier for the occasion eh?


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