Wednesday, November 13, 2013

christmas holidays .... check!

it sucks that every holiday season, i feel like we're always choosing sides... especially because our extended families are not living in the same country, we can't even split the day into lunch and dinner and spend it with both!! gahhh.. 

anyway, we finally booked in our christmas vacation... 

we're going home to melbourne!! 

which doesn't sound really epic but it really is!! the last time we spent christmas in melbourne was in 2009!!! sheeze!! that was even before we were married!! what kind of terrible daughter in law am i!?! kinda just stole their only child, ran off and never came back!! *yikes*

we've been back since, for our wedding and for other weddings. but looking back the pictures, our last trip home lasted all of 2 nights! we flew 16 hours (from japan) each way only to spend 2 nights there!! seriously what were we thinking right??

anyway, it would be nice to spend some time chilling with our family down under, maybe go for a roadtrip, bring blake back to his papa's home and let my in-laws bring blake around to show off! :) bonus points for free and willing babysitters so we can catch up with our friends and sink my teeth into that awesome grilled corn at mamasita!! 

im really excited about this trip! to chill by the beach and to bring blake christmas tree shopping and to spoil him with the lovely green parks, doting rellies and amazing food oz has to offer! and just to make the deal sweeter, my mum in law dug out daniel's vintage crib for the little one to sleep in! 

its going to be such a special christmas!! 

aussie aussie aussie, oi oi oi!



  1. have fuuuuun!!!!!! :) maybe catch up with you in SG if you get back before I return to Perth! xx

  2. Ooh! Enjoy! And erhmmmm, 32 hours for a 2 night stay? Tsk. :p this trip is gonna be longer right? Right?!! Hee.

    1. way longer! we no longer pull that kinda crazy travels. our old bones can't deal with it! :)

  3. Ooo if you have the chance, go to Chin Chin, it's amazeballs!

  4. You'll probably be swamped with fans for Mr. B but if you have some time for brunch/coffee, I'd love to meet up! :) I live walking distance from Prahran Market/Greville St so, delicious coffee at my doorstep!

    1. i'll see what plans we have lined up!! we are planning to go out of town for a bit as well but would love to catch up over coffee! :)


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