Thursday, November 14, 2013

thanks for brunch!!

while we were in tokyo, we visited bills! and they had sweetcorn fritters with avocado salsa on their menu and i was all SOLD SOLD SOLD!!! 

but for some odd reason they had replaced that with a smoked salmon, zuccini something-or-other that was equally brilliant but left me craving sweetcorn fritter forever. so i bookmarked this recipe from a dollop of me (contributed by rachel from the pleasure monger)

last week, our folks were picking blake up for a sleepover. so we decided to be nice and make brunch for everyone! i took care of the corn fritters and d did his magic with the grilled sausage and guacamole... 

it was divine! 
blake polished an entire corn fritter on this own, complete with approving "mummummumMUM!!!"s!

thanks for the inspiration and for brunch, ladies!! 
gotta love the internet and blogs! 



  1. Hi! I'll be travelling to Tokyo for a bit this December for 3 days after Niseko. Any recommendations-Must tries/must dos? ;)

    1. heh! :) the food!! load up on ramens and yakiniku!!

      drop me an email! probably easier to give you details that way!


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