Wednesday, September 11, 2013

loves :: whimsical braids

being able to do up my hair is like the ultimate indulgence these days! i've been rocking the messy bun for the last ten months and getting rather sick of it!! so when i have an extra few minutes (or if i feel particularly fancy), i add a little twisty or a braid before the messy bun...

a few days ago, i received my giant dwarf star clips. absolutely LOVING it!!
im going to wear it to death!
while we're on the topic of cute hair... (that does not involve a long and expensive trip to the salon....) i saw this through my girlfriend, chie's blog (vivat veritas)..

how seriously cute is this!! 
absolutely perfect for a lazy brunch out or relaxed date night...  
 am definitely going to give it a go later this week!



  1. The knot in the second pic is too adorable! I was thinking "I want to try this tomorrow!", then I took a look at the video and got lost at the second "put it through here..."

    1. i know right? maybe i'll just have to come over to your place and we'll have to figure it out together! two hairs is better than one right?

    2. Yes definitely, we will just have to keep hitting "pause" and "rewind", lol...

    3. mannn im sure we would! :) it doesn't look like something we'd get immediately!

  2. oh man, how small is the world! i read Chie's blog too, since a long time ago!



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