Thursday, September 12, 2013

food :: the cajun kings

we've been meaning to go to cajun kings for a while! 

we love our seafood bake and often dream of joe's crab shack in virginia.. hmmm dipping the crab into melted butter.. hmmm yums! so when we saw pictures of the seafood boil and our pals digging into a yummy mess of seafood and corn and tasty bits... we needed to go.

we were worried about going with "i-need-to-grab-everything" blake... but it was actually fine! we stuck him in the high chair but pulled him back from the table so he couldn't reach the food. then chuck him the wooden hammer and various toys to keep him busy!

and the food didn't disappoint! the seafood comes in huge plastic bags that you rip apart and pour the seafood onto your brown paper-covered table!! and you work through it with your bare hands! we chose the spicy king mix (which was very yums and lethal) but if we had chosen something more mild (garlic butter?), we could have shared a little bit of the food with blake! oh well! our priorities are sometimes skewed. :)

so good! but so so messy! 
there's just something gratifying about digging into your food with both hands and getting all grubby!! we had a lot of fun that dinner! im sure we'd be back again in the near future.

p.s. parking there is a bit of a nightmare so use the valet services provided!! 
its free for cajun king customers!



  1. Been meaning to try this place!! Now I wanna go even more! =) xx

    1. ooooo the kids will love it! :) getting their hands dirty with their meal!!!


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