Wednesday, September 18, 2013

le petit society :: clothing review and a discount!

a while back, le petit society had a little model search, calling kids between 2 - 10 months. i remember thinking "man, my kid is not the cutest but... i really want that 30 % off!" :) le petit society, is a practical and chic online store for children and i loved their clothes! but alas! i didn't get to it.. and missed out big time. but lucky for blake, we were given the pleasure of reviewing some of their clothing. 

we absolutely loved the gift box it came in! now its home to his little duplo bits and pieces!!
(p.s. complimentary gift box wrapping ends today 18 sep 2013

but let's jump right into the goodies!

we got a 4-piece playful loungewear.. an absolute delight to mix and match with pieces in his existing wardrobe. and a baby boy essential sleeveless onesie, (not in picture) an absolute staple in blake's wardrobe. 

blake LOVED his sleeveless onesie! it was soft and roomy! like most of their clothes, it was easy to match and comfy. i got him dressed all dapper and took him out to brunch to take pictures... but he got all excited about the playground and food that he got grubby and yuck! mamarazzi FAIL! so we got his dad to take a few more pictures of him at home!

i love the pop of color and little pockets on this pair of shorts! he shoves his little cars in them and is all surprised when he spots them later. what a silly bunny!

before we had this bunny, we never gave boy clothing a lot of thought! *meh* mostly because we were in denial that he was gonna be a boy! but turns out, blake's pretty fun to dress up. we usually gravitate towards pieces of clothes that are simple in design, comfy and not too fiddley!

we shy away from clothes with character prints and loud proclamations (well... until he starts picking his own clothes) and we like layering his clothes quite a bit but more importantly, it has to be something that he is comfortable in. so he's always ready for fun!! 

we've worn this tee a few times since! and it is quickly becoming his favorite!
p.s. i spotted this shirt in their collection! thought it would be perfect for blake! but shame its in a bigger size!!

and then there's this long sleeve top! 
im obsessed with elbow patches and pocket on his tummy! 

there are a bunch of parents that bundle their kiddos up in aircon! but blake's such a squirmy and sweaty child and if we did, he'd be in long sleeves all his life because we run the AC at home throughout the day! i can't wait to see him all rugged up when we travel later this year.

if you're in the market for chic but wearable clothes for your wee little one, le petit society offers an affordable and convenient option! did i mention that they offer free (and superduper fast!) shipping in asia? 

i must add that even though they sent blake some clothes to try out, they specifically mentioned that i was not obligated to write about it.. which i think is absolutely darling of them! blake says thank you for his lovely clothes! he'll be taking them on his big birthday trip to come! 

p.s. le petit society is running a promotion for our readers! we all enjoy 15 % off all non-sale items when you quote "LITTLEPROJECTS", valid till 31 october 2013. yayy! 



  1. The moment I read your first review I went to buy their clothing immediately! Can't wait for the clothes to arrive!

    1. yayyyy! :) hope you love the clothes! what did you get? xx

  2. i got the blue boy set for the younger kid, one white boy set and another top and bottom for my older kid.

    the shipping is so fast and the packaging is so cute!! ;)

    1. awwww sounds cute!! :) the shipping is amazing! i feel like im in the states! everyone should offer fast online and free shipping!!

  3. I love how you styled the set into so many cute outfits! :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka


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