Tuesday, September 17, 2013

in our library :: in the ocean

i love it that booboo gets showered in so much love and attention from our friends (and of course family). im not sure its healthy for his ego but at the very least... he is very loved. when we're out, he gets 100% of everyone's attention and often comes home with new toys. 

just because. 

last week, we took him out to swim and grill-out at andrea's. and he came home with a new favorite book!

"in my ocean" is such an adoarable read. its simple and filled with colorful pages. he now appreciates prints a bit more and runs his fingers over things. in a bid to keep things interesting for him, i try to name them as he points to them. only to realized that im really not the most smart person. it often sounds like this "fish, water, seaweed, urm... fish! seaweed. seaplant. orange fish!!!" right... mom.. 


this book's super cute feature is a felt dolphin finger puppet! so you wriggle the dolphin when you're reading the story! which is super fun and makes bubba squeal in delight! 

thanks for the good read, auntie andrea!
love you lots! 



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