Tuesday, July 30, 2013

will & kate's royal bundle

oh the excitement surrounding the birth of the royal baby! i must admit (even though its very much not my business...) i was excited myself to catch a glimpse of the royal baby and how amazing kate middleton looked post-natal. and didn't she look amazing?

i wonder if the new parents felt as excited and as blessed leaving the hospital. and yet at the same time worried and terrified. i remember in the short ride home from the hospital with blake.. all of three minutes, i wanted to show the world to my new baby and at the same time i wanted to shield him from everything bright/dark and scary. i wonder if will and kate will have sleepless nights for months to come. and if she'd spend many nights googling "how to massage blocked milk ducts.." on her phone at night!! :) ah the mystery surrounding the glamourous lives of the royal family.

one thing for sure, little prince george, born into the privileged world of money, fancy toys and huge responsibility.., is one blessed little child! oh the love that surrounds him!
i can't wait to see that little kid grow up!



  1. How can anyone have such great hair after giving birth right?!

    1. yeah see comment below!

      now we know what we all need after giving birth in the hospital? heh!

  2. That little George has a whole nation in love with him already! Royalty or note, it only matters that he has a loving family and support system.

    Oh and Kate's hairstylist was at the hospital to do Kate's hair - even she got a little help!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

    1. that explains a lot! i wish i had a hair stylist to help me out everyday!

      but im with you! to be surrounded by love and support is all anyone needs!

  3. I can soooooooooooo identify with "and if she'd spend many nights googling "how to massage blocked milk ducts.." on her phone at night!!"

    I spent the early months of my daughter's life doing the same thing you wrote about. I am pretty sure the Duchess will be like us too! Hehehe...

    1. heh! i find comfort that its a rite of passage everyone goes through!


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