Wednesday, July 31, 2013

what makes a year a fabulous year???

wow.. thats the least eloquent title i've ever had! :) but we were just chatting the other day about what makes a year memorable...

for us, it's the big things and also... the little things. big things like international moves, new babies, new fur-babies, engagements, weddings and the little things like first bike rides, races, travel, new favorite eatouts, spontaneous road trips... 

basically anything that makes a mark in our lives.. 

or as my photo-enthusiast husband says...
anything that makes a new photo-album. :)

i must admit, it is darn easy to give up after a long week and chill out at home, potter around and do something easy and familiar. and in the recent trips, i find myself more tired when we return!! but that really makes a difference. some things in life can't be planned and for everything else, we resolve to plan it real good. 

as we're starting to find out parenting legs, we will make an effort to line up the races and the travel and all the little things in life that's worth celebrating.  

how about you? 
what makes the year for you? 



  1. yay for finding parenting feet!!! =) A great year for me would be clocking up miles exploring the world! (kids who are 24/7 obedient would be awesome, but that's a bit of a stretch to ask, no? =p)

    1. there's just that something about travel, huh? puts things in perspective! :)

      man i feel you on the obedient kid part!! lucky for you your kids are 23/7 perfect!! blake needs to work on his whinging...

  2. Hi babe,
    Thanks for popping by and leaving me a sweet note. All things considered, we are doing well.

    I think it's always the big and small things that make the year meaningful. The trick is to remember it when the small things are tedious and demanding.

    Continue to have a great year ahead! xx

    1. indeed! and very thankful for what we have!! big hugs!!

      p.s. are you still blogging?

    2. I do but not as often as I wish to. It's taking a back seat.

    3. shame!! ;) enjoyed reading your posts!! :)


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