Tuesday, July 16, 2013

from our library :: farm faces

this week, i wanna share blake ultimate favorite book of ALL TIME! 

for some reason, he is utterly obsessed with this book. if you want a sure-win way to capture his attention, all you need to say is "farm faces.. a book of masks." and he sits down like a little angel...
we traveled with it once and was using it to calm him down during take-off... we had to read it so many times we were sure everyone in the plane could memorize it by the end of the flight!!

morning storytime with his favorite person...

super cute read! 

if you need a baby gift, i definitely recommend this little book! :) 

thanks for the gift, trish & andrew!
we'll return the favor and get your bubba one next time!!



  1. i love the photos! so glad that a small gift can have such a lasting impact :D

  2. oh its such a special gift! :) come read to him next week!


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