Monday, July 15, 2013

diy popiah party :: long house popiah

im CRAAAAZY about popiahs!
(they're like asian burritoes..)

in my mind, they're the yummiest, squishiest thing and a bonus because its healthy!
(please do not tell me otherwise.. i might have to beat you up if you tell me its actually an unhealthy food!! the last time someone told me chiffon cake was actually not filled with air and almost like zero calories... a part of me DIED.) but its filled with yumminess and veggie and saucy delish stuff...

guess what? i found a popiah delivery person over the weekend! and its TOO exciting not to share. 
i was feeling a huge craving and since we had family coming over for a swim, i took this chance and indulged in my crazy food obsession and ordered up a storm from old long house master of popiah!
seriously how rad is their name!

it was super convenient ordering online and even though we placed an order less than 24 hours, we got an text confirmation instantly on my phone!! the basic set came with everything you need to make popiah... wrapper, chilli, garlic, sauce, egg, crispy shrimp, faux crab meat and a HUGE tub of radish.

what i didn't get was a gigantic bag of raw beansprouts! it was disproportionate and was i meant to eat it raw? we boiled half of it and still have leftovers! so i guess we'd be eating beansprouts for the rest of the week! also, the wrapper came a little hard and as a diy popiah newbie, we had no idea what to do... we tried steaming it or wrapping it in a warm towel. it was alright.. but a bit messy! it would have helped if it came with instructions!

the portions were generous! and if you wanted you could have ordered/made your own premium ingredients like shrimp, chinese sausages, lobster.. the options are endless! but man... i loved it! we had popiah for lunch, dinner, breakfast.. and we're still going! very good value for money!

the only not so positive thing about popiah parties... the husband doesn't enjoy popiah! i told him i got him some kueh pie tees. and he was all "they're just crispy popiahs in a cup". 

someone is getting too smart for me these days...



  1. Poor Daniel! He must have had popiah nightmares... hehe


    1. imagine his face when the delivery guy came with 80-100 popiahs! :) wahahahhahaa

  2. alton and i LOVE popiah! my whole family does! i might just have to make an order when i'm back in SG next!! :) you're invited to come join me!

    for popiah parties, mum and i used to buy really good popiah skin and pie tee cups from the margaret drive hawker centre in queensway.. i think that market's closed though BOOHOO.

    1. qiji has great reviews!! :) you can consider ordering from them too!!

      your mum makes her own popiahs?? thats super!!

  3. oh yea - and shouldn't the skin be ready to eat? I know you have to keep the rest of the skins moist with a tea towel but otherwise, I can't imagine having to do anything else.

    GAHHHHH i'm craving popiah NAOO!!!!

  4. I love my popiah also! and so good as a party food. Try Qiji next time? Then Daniel can also have other things like Laksa, Nasi Lemak and Fried Chicken Wings!! :)

    1. oooo thanks for the recc!! i love qiji!! and didn't know they do delivery too!!! :)

  5. I loooove pohpiah! I also always order from Qiji, like the comment above :) They deliver and their laksa is really good too!


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