Monday, April 15, 2013

the littlest :: five months old

hello blakey!!

in this month, we saw a huge mental leap in the little mister. he is figuring his way around the world. and he started to show his personality a little more. like how he chuckles when you blow raspberries on him.. or he gives a little shy wave when he sees someone familiar. when you say "kiss!!" he opens his mouth and gives you a generous slobbery french kiss! and when he's uncomfortable in a social situation, he tries to laugh it off with a twinkle in his eye.

he has certainly charmed the socks off our rellies.. my aunt (his "jiupo") comes to visit and waits around for him to wake up from his naps so she can hold him and sing to him. and his uncle song came home on his easter break and spent many lovely afternoons in the pool with him. he loves him to pieces. its my kind of sweet to see them together..

physically he has slowed down a little! phew! my poor achy arms were hurting so bad for a while! his doctor is pleased with his progress and i'd initially (selfishly) thought to stop nursing when he hits six months but since he's growing well, the doctor wants us to keep going for a bit more. 

this squirmy worm is one energizer bunny!! when he's awake, he always wants to squiggle around. he bulldozes around likes a champ and you take your eyes off him for two seconds and he does a 180 degree turn. he flips really quickly too so i really need pay closer attention to him. when you sit him at the edge of the pool, he scoots over the edge and kicks himself into the water. very dangerous but funny to watch!

 we also started our sweet boy on solids. we gave it a go last month but he wasn't ready! but this month oh boy was he ready! he INHALES his food in seconds. im so excited to feed him every evening. we started slow, introducing one new food per week and so far they've all be hits! we're so amused at his disappointment when his bowl is empty. he grabs it with disbelief and tries to lick the last bits out of it! needless to say, he makes a HUGE mess at dinner... fingers crossed his enthusiasm for food continues because we are both picky eaters and it would be so refreshing to not have to work around yet another person's fussiness!!

and a huge thank you for your kind words on sleep-training last month... it was hard to admit that such a well-meaning plan of mine failed. but guess what? merely days after we gave in and allowed him to nurse once in the night... he miraculously started doing his nights! at eight every evening, we start his bedtime routine and papa tells him "its night-byes time, blake" then off to bed in his room. the first few nights, we joked that perhaps our baby monitor lost connection and poor little guy cried himself back to sleep. but since then, we've confirmed that he is really conked. his daytime naps are all over the place still but that's another project for another day. 
(just kidding!)

oh little bubba. stay little for longer, won't ya? 
im already starting to miss the little you! 



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