Friday, April 12, 2013

like urm... finally!!! its friday!!

hi lovelies...

how's your week been? this week has kicked me sorely in the bum but in a good way! on monday, i decided i was going to be martha stewart (ie my kind of dream wife) and dress up the nursery a wee bit, start making a quilt for my sweet mother-in-law and made dinner for us... TWICE! i even manned up and made little chocolate chiffon cakies that daniel loves. turns out, its hard work being a wife! i might slip back into my delinquent ways next week! 

 {from here}
:: here are seven little nuggets ::

- im re-reading this book again with fresh eyes! im definitely do not have a "sage" child at hand..

- we're learning how to say the alphabet backwards this weekend... inspired by this video.
good luck to us.

- im definitely guilty of backwards jealousy. urg.

- how yummy does this look? we're making this this evening!

- years later, im STILL completely obsessed with this quilt. might have to make it soon...

- while im inspired by martha stewart's domestic goddessness... i think daniel's dream wife is actually a victoria secrets angel. i'll work on that next week!  (or next lifetime!)

have a wonderful weekend, hon!
sending you a kisses, fairy dust and unicorns that poop rainbows!!



  1. Haha, I think most men will take Victoria's Secret over Martha Stewart. Today, I learned that she is 71 years old. Can you believe it?? I thought she was in her 50's, at the oldest.

    1. men! so shallow! how do they imagine their home to look like if they married victoria secrets model! no fabulous dinner parties and easter crafts pffffff!! :)

      p.s. she is 71!? amazing!! is there anything she doesn't do well?

  2. Every women dream to be Martha Stewart! hahha! Happy weekend!!

  3. Martha Stewart Skills with VS Angel's body. Perfect! And one can always dream. Teeheehee.

    And i love the quilt!!!!!


  4. LOVE!! We Gotta start on the Miranda Kerr workout soon!!!

  5. i love love love unicorns that poop rainbows!

    1. sending you two of those then! :) *hugs* congrats on the completion of your paper!! xx

  6. Hello!

    i LOVEEEE that bébé book! (hee even thou i have no kids)
    have you read other similar-ish ones. so cool!
    like this one

    heee blake is SO CUTEE!!

    Ruth (@burstsofjoy on Instagram)


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