Friday, March 15, 2013

blake :: four months

our little boy is growing up so quickly! 
after he goes to bed, we look at his newborn pictures and gasp as how different he looks now and how far he has come! 

(yes. we're loser parents like that..) 

this month, blakieboo is all drool and funny noises! the sounds he comes up with cracks us up all the time! its like he spends the whole night thinking of what to surprise us with each morning! and we stand around his crib giggling at him! (once again, loser parents!) but this month, blake spent most of his time with his grandma who is staying with us. 

they've been on such glorious adventures and has the funniest stories when they're out!

"grandma.. stop trying to braid my hair..."

its hard to imagine anyone loving our little munchkin more. and she has such an excellent influence on blake we wish everyday that she'd stay forever! he is such a happy baby, babbles along when read to and has generous smiles for everyone. he's so sweet he makes my heart sing..

he's also enjoying his swims very much and is so much more confident in the water. we take him down almost everyday so when he sees his little bathers.. he chuckles in glee. just earlier this week, he kicked off a little too fast and plunged face down into the water. lol. there was a little bit of spluttering and incredulous blinking of the eye but he was all giggles in no time! we're hopeful that swimming will be a big part of his growing up days and can't wait to take him into the ocean later next month in australia... 

somehow it was programmed in our heads that he was meant to start eating. so we got him some rice cereal. but he didn't love it that much. so i guess we'll just have to wait a few more months! no biggie because his doctor is pretty happy with his growth and he is definitely busting out of his 3-6 mo onesies!! 

we also snuck him in for his first haircut! which thankfully was such a non-event! but it was funny having 4 grown ups fuss over one little baby getting a haircut! there were so many cameras going he had no idea what the fuss was!! 

ahh... too much fun! too little time, blakie!



  1. he is such a cutie. happy four months blakie!!
    and to the parents, many many more months of happiness!!!
    the hair braiding pic is such a classic!


    1. hehe thanks babe! :) he has the funniest expressions, huh?

  2. heehee I love how his head is JUST floating in the pool :)

    1. we've since gotten really creative with the neck float! he now uses it as a whole body float and a waist float lol! :)

  3. You're right not to worry about the solids. We started rice cereal at six months and it was a disaster. Took C 2 months to be "trained" to take purees. A lot of crying and angry-ness from him. Now, he loves them but won't take any other solids - like toast - and he's already 12.5 months. Very sad for us foodie parents, and we were initially worried. But have now decided to just let things be. He'll eat when he is ready.

    1. all in good time! im learning how to live by that rule! i keep getting these little bouts of "inspiration" for example this morning was hmm.. how awesome would it be if he could crawl! heh!


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