Monday, March 18, 2013

of bunnies and hairbuns and charsiewbuns...

last weekend, we caught up with friends to celebrate a birthday and an upcoming little baby! we're so excited that blake won't be the youngest kid on the block. somehow the knowledge that your own friends are juggling babies littler than yours make my heart sing! i love his babyness and cherish every moment of it but sometimes having someone else go through the same hurdles are you are is GOLD! naptime drama, pff! midnight feed what? :) 

so there was a little bunny garland, color themed balloons and some princess leia-inspired hair buns and some char siew BUNS to complete the bun in the oven theme! it was nothing as elaborate as we used to have but just as much fun!! blake was all amazing and in awe at the hoopla that happening and kept his eyes glued onto the food and cake... oh the things you'll taste in life, little one!

having fabulous time rolling around in their soft toys!! 

and the little man met his first cat. he was all so curious and wanted to stroke their cats endlessly!! can't blame him.. this cat's got some serious game! i've never met a cuter and more cuddley kitty cat!

isn't that the cutest picture ever?! everything is sooo teeny tiny! my heart just about burst just looking at the two of them...

at some point in the party, we kicked back and watch our nudie baby play. getting passed from hand to hand making the happiest baby sounds ever. and instead of having to constantly apologize for his petulance, drool and noise, our pals found it adorable and for some, bless their hearts, didn't even hear his pre-naptime squawks... they let blake grab at everything within sight and put everything from his ooey-drooley mouth without flinching.. such cool friends we have. and that reminded ourselves once again that THIS is the reason why we belong back here in singapore..

we love you guys!!



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