Wednesday, February 27, 2013

the lamest tutorial ever..

hey! do you remember when i used to have craft tutes on this blog!?
cos i don't! it has been sooo long i was a little ashamed.
i've been crafting and sewing but it usually happens at night. 
and i never get a chance to photograph it properly! 
(all you crafting mums, kudos to you!)

 so i thought i'd finally get my act together on afternoon...

cos i had a little bit of this happening!! 
(p.s. yes, there's a little bit of balding happening there too! its so silly looking!!

d's race tee that i inherited cos im a hoarder. 
thought to make a little outfit for blake and practice my stitches!

then the baby woke up. 

and many steps later...

voila! a baby trisuit! 

wished i made it a little looser because the races will go on until april and its already a little snug around his round belly!! 

ahh the cuteness!! 



  1. i so adore the quilt!!!!! and the one in the middle of course hehehe

    1. and btw, what tutorial?? hahaha

    2. right!? i planned to take pictures for a tute.. but super fail! :(

  2. Looks awesome!! You're such talented lady.

    1. i love sewing! I just wished it wasn't so gear intensive and messy!

  3. I loved this idea! Totally cute and clever.


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