Tuesday, February 26, 2013

sundays at the beach...

last weekend, we were at sentosa supporting daniel in the first of three sprint series

its a fun distance (ie not too long) and builds into a mini-triathlon! i love how these races encourage newbies to give it a go! and when you roll up on early sunday morning, people of all shapes and sizes take part and cheer each other on generously!! such a feel-good factor!

of course munchkindoodles came along..
 such a happy chap!

his papa and him at the start line.

it'll be fun if he wants to race one day! we saw the little kiddos in their trisuits having a go at it. (and of course the anxious daddies chasing behind yelling "time to speed up!!") and it was the cutest thing! its a funny thing! i never used to notice the kids at sporting events but increasingly i do!! 

in true blake form, he took a snooze in the MIDDLE of all the action with the starting horn going "blaaaaaaaa" every 5 mins! but he kept slept through it all..

it has been years since we've been to sentosa..

and for days i've been looking forward to seeing blake's face when he touches the sand, or when he dips his toes in the ocean.. or when he splashes around in the water fountains! i thought he is going to LOVE IT!!! we did all of that. and his face didn't flinch a bit. he was mildly amused and was happy enough to play in the water. but no "OMG EPIC!!" moment. 

what a pooper scooper...

but we had a fabulous time 
and by the time we bundled everyone up, had lunch and got home, it was barely noon! 



  1. your lil one can sleep anywhere...HAHAHA.
    but the first pic, too cute! (:


    1. he really can! we have a collection of (unflattering) pictures of all the ridiculous places he has fallen asleep in! :)

  2. YAY! Get him used to the beach so when he grows up, we can all go surfing together! He looks like he's well on his way :)

    1. yayyyy! that will be soooo cute and awesome! hope he likes surfing more than silly muumuu!! :)


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