Monday, February 18, 2013

muthu curry, dempsey

i don't know why but everyone told us that over chinese new year, the only thing that's open is malay and indian restaurants! so not true! on the second day of new year, the stores and restaurants started opening! and our supermarket was open 24 hours without the crowds!! but because everyone warned us multiple times, we stocked up on grocery earlier and for some odd reason... 

we ended up craving indian!! 

with mama at muthu's curry in dempsey!

blake says.. "hi!"

we love this muthu curry outlet. its usually quiet when we visit (without reservations) and airy! i've only been to the outlet in little india and for some reason i always remember being crammed up in a corner feeling greasy and smelling curry-y! but this one is completely modern and spacious. there is even outdoor seating when the weather is nice and cool! but blake loves the decorative ceiling of this restaurant. he sits nicely in his stroller and stares and stares and stares! which is completely unheard of. so for that reason alone, i'll keep eating indian here! :)

our delicious spread...

service was prompt and attentive. and everything we ordered was yummy and washed down with an icy lime juice. it was perfection! after that, we took a long walk home in the cool breeze just in time to put blake to bed!! everyday should be like this!

p.s. samy's curry also sounds popular! do you have a preference?
muthu's or samy's?



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