Tuesday, February 12, 2013

crafts :: washi tapes

i don't know anyone that isn't a fan of washi tapes! these little decorative tapes have taken the world by storm! there are a tonne of cute ideas of how to use washi in a tonne of creative ways! my favorite is when oh my omiyage had little frames "hung" on her bathroom to welcome her guests!

but now that i no longer live in the land of washi tapes..
i kinda miss it. 

cue {the sewing post} filled with cuteness...

how adorbs is this cloud print!

i'd love to cover blake's playroom with this tape so he can run his little cars along the tracks! 
(when he is old enough to hold things and not shove them into his mouth)

washi madness!! 


wouldn't it be such a dream to own them all? 

p.s. they are running a feb promotion with tapes going for $2.50 usd each!! 



  1. I went to Uniqlo - and guess what I saw?! Haha. Washi-designed tee shirts! For real!!!! lol

    1. ive seen them in japan before!! are they in singapore?! cute designs?

  2. I'm sure he will loving cars and bikes!! Such a stereotype huh?


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