Wednesday, February 13, 2013

chinese new year :: 初一

this year was blakie's first new year! so we wanted to be around. and because we didn't do traditional full month parties, it was also the first time he was meeting many of our rellies!

our little family! 
i wished i had fabulous pictures to show you how well he did. but we were SOOOOOOO pleased to get a break from baby-carrying that we were always found in the furthest corner of the room from him (looking like bad parents!) but he cooed, gurgled and played with everyone that held him. when when it was time for nap, he snoozed in beds, carseats and random shoulders. he was hardly fussy in fact my grand aunt came asking "how do you make your child cry?!" and was met with many quizzical stares.. why would you wanna make a perfectly happy kid cry!? ah rellies!!

 basically such a happy kid people wouldn't believe that i have a hard time caring for him! *shakes fist* but on the upside, we got some babysitting volunteers! 


with popo and gonggong

we had so many yummy home-cooked meals and was spoilt silly by our family. daniel still find this whole asian family thing a little overwhelming (if you haven't met my family, think me multiply by 50!!) but i think its adorable that our bubsie grows up in this company!! 

i hope next year he understands the celebration a little more and 
we can create some traditions of our own! :)



  1. Got to love the free babysitters!

    1. Right? That's one of my favorite things about Singapore!! Everyone's so enthusiastic about taking him off my hands! Which is such a treat!!

  2. Love how D is chilling at the back watching the show :)

    1. He's such a funny and chilled out daddy! I love that about him! He counters my madhouse craziness!!!


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