Tuesday, January 8, 2013

weddings :: vanessa traina

spotted images for this dreamy wedding dress on vogue.

it makes me dream of weddings and fancy cocktail parties..
after a bit more snooping, i caught a glimpse of the wedding which was nothing short of amazing... 

the ceremony and reception was at her mother's (danielle steel) home in san francisco.
how jaw-droppingly beautiful was the set up...

but i can't get over that dreamy dress by givenchy... 
i would get married all over again in a dress like that.

oh weddings.. how i've missed you.




  1. her mama is the author/novelist??

  2. Wow wow! Everything is just perfect! (Not that I would expect anything less if her mama is Danielle Steel. :))

    1. looks exactly like a page out of a modern day fairytale, huh?


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