Tuesday, January 22, 2013

mini - diy :: red packets

i keep telling myself that i'll start crafting soon! i have so many ideas and tutes in my to-craft list! but its kinda daunting to get started. so we take baby steps! 

this afternoon, i needed a red packet and realized that i don't have a single one at home! 

so got creative with my scrapbooking & origami paper!

trace & cut. its so simple i reckon a little kid could help out!
i managed to whip up a few of these during blake's nap!

also, i realized that this is our first time we're celebrating chinese new year after we got married! for the uninitiated, you start giving red packets (filled with cash!) to the children / rellies after you get married! but we weren't scrimping on the money! i promise!

we're thrilled to catch up with our family this year and daniel's mummy will be here with us this year too! yipppppeeee!!

p.s. i guarantee that this year we're going to get the "when are you trying for #2?" question at least 10 times. im putting money on it. 



  1. so...when r u going for #2? -cheeky grin-

  2. 10 bucks on it too! I still get that question and I wonder why??

  3. seriously? you just had no 1! sigh...

    1. there is absolutely no end to the questioning!! every year there is something to bug us about!

  4. Am gonna steal this idea when i find pretty red paper! heh. =)

    1. im going to check out wrapping paper from kikki k and prints!! i started making so many of them i don't think i need to buy for chinese new year! heh!


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