Monday, January 21, 2013

hello there.

sorry it has been a little quiet in here. 

we've been down with a bug, one after another, and somehow throw-up, messy hair in buns (me), multiple visits to various doctors and fussy tanties don't make cheery blog posts. but we've recovering slowly and crawling out of our little cave a little more this week! hopefully that means we'd have more happy things to share.

in the spirit of pointing fingers, i blame instagram for the radio silence here.
whenever i see something cute (mostly random), it goes there.
and when its time to sit and blog, i've said it all!!

here's an instapic from earlier last week! this stranger rolled around in our bed, threw up and then napped diagonally such that no one else could rest in bed. how demanding.

y'know? i never really thought of how difficult parenting could be. but i always thought i'd be one of those fabulous do it all in a sexy apron and a pair of heels while churning out tutorials on this blog kinda gal. but i realized this week that it's so hard... its a mix of hardwork and hardwork. and at the end of the day, you wanna throw in the towel and say "man! i give up!" but you look at the little swaddled sleepy things and wanna pick them up and start the day all over again.

let's see...
blame the bug. check. 
blame instagram. check. 
insert picture of child to distract you. check.
complain about said child. check
use "hard" three times in a paragraph. check

this blogging thing is really complicated sometimes! 

p.s. i miss you



  1. It's so unlike you to be quiet, but glad all is well and you're back ;)

    1. hahaha! :) being sick sucks all the blogging juice outta ya!!


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