Monday, December 10, 2012

tag. im it!

i recently got tagged by lady j's musings! if you don't already read her blog, please check her out! she's one spunkalicious lady that lives life in style! i especially love reading about her everyday outfit posts, her travels and her adorable puppy sparky! 

here are her eleven questions! 

one - If you are using an iPhone, what’s the one app you can’t live without.  

 im an insta-addict! i completely skipped out on the twitter wave but unfortunately got hooked onto instagram. its such a fun way to share little snippets of your day. 

two - Fave haunts in our little island?

i love island creamery! each time i think i've picked a favorite flavor, they come out with something rad again! my all time favorite is the classic teh-peng.. hmm could do with a scoop now. (in our house, icecream counts as breakfast food..)

three - Fave eats? [It can be anywhere in the world] 

 i had the yummiest roast duck meal at with my brother in london. i'd just stepped off the plane from a year of pseudo-american chinese food... it was heavenly. plus we were both poor student/working noob back then so it felt very grown up to take my brother for a meal.

four - What is your favourite comfort food and why? 

i love anything that comes outta the kitchen by my husband. he makes the best winter-time soups, sick-time chicken "chook" and pre-race pasta... his other meals are pretty rad too! wished i could say the same about the instant ramen noodle meals im famous for. :)

five - What do you miss most about your home country when you are away? 

i miss my peeps. a lot. the food is pretty rad too.

six - What’s the one place that you do not mind visiting over and over again. 

central park, new york. 
(cos you'll judge if i said tiffany on fifth, huh? but i consider that part of the central park experience.) 
seven - Fave type of weather/ season? 

i love spring and fall. specifically the days where you could walk out with a light dress and not break a sweat or freeze your bum off. find me a place that's like that all year around. and im packing my bags. pronto.

eight - Would Gangnam Style get you up on your feet? 

no. i don't quite get the appeal yet. but a friend told me "if you don't get it, it means your old." so i keep watching youtube videos of the gangnam hoping that it will make sense one day. just for the records, my mum does the gangnam. just goes to show...

nine - If you could be a cartoon character, who would it be and why? 

i don't have a favorite cartoon but i've recently started reading winnie and pooh to blake at bedtime. and somehow dear little pooh always finds his ways to my heart. he's such a sweet friend..

ten - When the going gets tough, what would be a quote/saying that you look to for strength? 
“rivers know this: there is no hurry. we shall get there some day.”
- winnie the pooh

eleven - Share some of the little things that would make you happy.

my munchkin family (how did i deserve such an awesome collection of munchkins?), milk & chocolate fudge cake, an awesome pair of stilettos, a fluffy picnic mat and lots of cuddles.

thanks for taggin' me, j! i had great fun thinking of the answers! 
i might just pop out now to pick up a slice of chocolate fudge cake now!



  1. Thanks babe for doing this! Had fun reading your answers and wow.. my face just turned a shade of crimson red for I'm honored that you think I'm a spunkalicious lady. :)

    Pss... won't judge you if you said Tiffany & Co. I adore the place and don't mind heading back there again. Love the little girls decked out in Audrey Hepburn's costume in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

    1. me too! :) they're adorable! im kinda glad i dont need to spend money on tiffany for blakieboo! a girl would be wayyy too expensive! :)



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