Friday, December 7, 2012

letters from doggie :: thirty-six

question ::  how do you know when you have asian parents? 

1. they say "you so fat/skinny!!". 
2. they make you share clothes with your siblings. even if they don't fit. 
3. they give you SUPER short haircuts cos it lasts longer. 

answer :: all of the above. 
but THIS happened to me last week! 

why would you do that to a handsome dog like this! seriously!


late last week, mami went for a spa-day cos she really deserved a break! so, papi took us boys with grandma for brunch. very ballsy move, right? and we did great except.... in our excitement, i ran into my bag and didn't realize that we forgot my leash until it was too late! i wasn't gonna run away but we were gonna take a long walk home from dempsey after brunchie....

so papi made from straps from my backpack and shoelaces! 
isn't he amazing?

when i grow up, i wanna be a papi just like him. 

p.s. papi ran a half-marathon last weekend and came in 21st in 10,000 peeps!
isn't he amaaazing? one day i wanna run like him too. 



  1. hey, what bag did you get for muu?? I'm currently putting pocket in one of those eco shopping bags every time we go out.. i mean, it's not like he's in there for long! :P but the daddy says he wants me to get a "proper" bag, just in case these straps give way one day!

    1. muu has a few bags! but this one that he uses quite a lot is a backpack style carrier. that is ventilated all round but has flaps to "hide" him for fussy restaurants! :)

      you can see it here (

      he loves being carried in it and would run in when we bring it out! xx

  2. thanks hun! did you get the bag in Tokyo or online? :)

    1. both! we got it from tokyo, online on! in my terrible "jap-glish", i tried searching my shopping history but i can't locate the weblink!! :( sorry about that....

  3. that's alright! i've been googling! should hopefully get one for pocket by xmas! :D

    1. schweet!! :) hope to see pocket in his new bag soon! xx


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