Monday, December 31, 2012

my day with my 2 month old...

i've read this a couple times on other mummy's blog and most recently on olimomok's! i always marvel and how short (and crazy busy) a day sounds when you log it this way. so i thought to write one up of what happens on a regular day
(also its almost new year. and if sat daniel feels like i deserve an extra year end bonus, 
i won't say no. just sayin'...)


0600 am :: muu wakes up. like clockwork. and starts with subtle "coughs" or cute whimpers. if we don't hear him, he starts scratching on his bag or barking. we let him out and he cuddles with us.

0630 - 700 am :: blake wakes up. coos to himself in his crib and starts blabbering. depending on how the night went, we'd either sleep through it or we'd find him particularly adorable and carry him into bed with us much to muu's dismay because blake's a real chatterbox when he's awake. he's the cutest at this time of the day but sadly... no one is awake to appreciate it.

0730 am :: daniel's alarm goes off and he gets ready for work.

0800 - 0830 am :: daniel prepares the bath water for blake and i take muu for a quick walk. he is usually distracted. does his thang and chucks a u-ey so he can get back to his papi & baby brother. while daniel gives blake a bath, i jump into the shower and throw on some decent clothes & make up. 

0830am - 0840 am :: daniel runs outta the door with kisses for everyone. if we are particularly organized, we walk him to the train station. (which happens once in two week! at most. hah!)  

0900 am :: i feed muu, then i feed blake. and then while they are in a state of food-induced delirium, i make myself breakfast. depending on how fussy blake is, sometimes i manage a nice big breakfast with scrambled eggs. sometimes i grab a glass of milk and munch on some cherry tomatoes 

0901 - 1100 am :: blake takes his first nap of the day. im not fussed about this naptime. if he's not feeling it, he does his tummy time on his play gym. or he gets read to. or muu runs around blake and they hang out together. i rush around to clean up the house a little and do a load of laundry. if my folks comes to hangout with us, they'll play with blake while i get some time to run some errands or organize the house.

1100 - 0100 pm :: i feed blake when he starts whinging. during the day, i try to feed him whenever he needs a feed to make sure he gets what he needs in the day. his pd recommended a gap of approximately 2 hours.. he usually sticks to that throughout the day. then i'll usually make plans to meet up for lunch or go shopping. blake will then start sleeping before we reach the mall. daniel also calls home at around noon to check on us. and we have a little bit of a chat.. :)

0100 - 0400 pm :: this is usually my "me" time. i usually duck into the stores to browse. or treat myself to a long and indulgent dessert (breastfeeding = no guilt) or take a long walk. or if its rainy, i come home with the bubsie (who is usually passed out by now) and take a nap or catch up on blogs. this is also the best time for me to go for massages.

0400 - 0600pm :: then we get to the most trying part of my day. my folks would usually start to head home (to avoid peak hour traffic) and blake would start to wake up. demand to be fed. or still cranky from the nap, wants to be held. its the witching hour. if we're still out, i'd use the sling cos it helps him to calm down. 

0530 - 0600 pm :: daniel comes home. completely pooped. on certain days, he has conference calls at night. he would hold blake for a bit so i can get a break. we make plans for dinner. on good days, we get away with a nice meal with a few squawks. on regular days, we take turns to eat while the other holds him as we throw apologetic looks at diners next to us. 

0600 - 0800pm :: blake usually calms down the minute we're done with with the meal and we'd pick up groceries, go for a walk around the hood or pick up bubble tea! 

0800 - 0830 pm :: daniel runs a warm bath and gives blake a nice long bath with dimmed lights and a soothing massage. i quickly jump into the shower!

0830 - 0900 pm :: while daniel takes care of muu's feed & evening walk, i top blake up for the night and put him into bed awake! then my job for the day is DONE! :) blake will chatter to himself in the dark and fall asleep!! *does a little skippety dance* sometimes, daniel goes for a quick run around the block.

0900 - 1000 pm :: we are usually hungry by now and someone will pop out to pick up snacks. and watch a little bit of tv. we start with "happy" shows like HIMYM, glee or modern family. and then a bingbingbongbong one to which i'll doze off on the couch.

0000-0200 am :: daniel feeds blake, logs it and he turns in for the night.

and then it all begins again! :)  

happy last day of the year, y'all!  


  1. Well done darling! You've got this motherhood thing down pat!

    Happy New Year!

    1. till the next bump (which i've learnt happens so darn often..) ah.. this motherhood deal throws you curve balls so often, huh?

  2. That's one busy day there! Gd job👍👍
    I can only imagine my baby (when the time comes) day to be...
    0700- wake up. 0700-2000: twilight zone
    2000: bedtime yay!

    1. hahah 2000 is the BEST time of my day. i feel terrible feeling that way.. but it truly is!!

  3. Sounds like a busy, well-spent day to me! You are doing a wonderful job with the little ones :)

    Happy new year to all of you!

    1. i don't know how you manage to squeeze in a full-time job in the middle of the day! you're really amazing!!

  4. Wow, sounds really organized to me! Heehee, what's bingbingbongbong?? I was chuckling to that term :P

    1. hahah thats a "mother in law" term! :) its all those shooting loud movies like james bond, NCIS, etc.

  5. gee whiz, i get tired just from reading this!! *super salute* to Mama Zhing! Happy 2013 to the Allenders, may you have another year full of exciting adventures!

    1. happy new year darling! :) such a crazy day!! i miss the pre-baby days of crafting!!


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