Monday, December 17, 2012

happy birthday, mama

a few years ago, i threw my mom a surprise birthday party and since then, she has been plotting and planning her big 6-0 (next year!). last year, she came to me in all seriousness and told me, "im not celebrating my 60th unless... i have a grandchild." to which, i nonchalently said "oh well, i hope your sons plan to step up to that task fairly soon."

im glad you love your birthday present this year!! :)

to a mama...

.... that always puts everyone's needs ahead of your own.

... that very accurately predicted that one day, i will start eating papaya and fish when i become a mum myself. (you win!)

... that has the charm to make a stone smile.

... that spends sleepless nights making photo-books of my babies.
(and have me come in the morning and remove all the cute captions and cartoon graphics.. sorry!!)

... that still checks on my every morning and answers all my calls with unrivaled enthusiasm.
even in the middle of the night.

... that loves us and everything that belongs to us,
a happiest birthday to you. 
we're adore you and are sooo blessed to have you in our lives. 

zhiying, daniel, musashi & blake.


  1. So touching, you make me eyes red! Aiyo!!

    1. omg! mummy you learnt how to comment!! :) hahah! Love you!

  2. Oh geeze, you two are completely adorable!

    1. hahaha! :) moms that use the interets are AWESOME! :) xx

  3. she says "thank you, chuiying." in chinese! lmao


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