Tuesday, December 18, 2012

the littlest :: have passport, will travel.

we really hope to be able to continue enjoying the things we love pre-baby. and one of the more important things is being able to travel on a whim. so last week, we got down to making blake a passport.

what we didn't know was that it was incredibly difficult to get a picture of a baby that fits the international requirements! 

but this came real close. lmao!

his expression said it all! we were all tearing our hair out because once we got his head level, he would flop over. or throw up. or dribble. or doze off. or frown. or catch a glimpse of me and want to be picked up. really should have paid for it to be professionally done!
(eventually we picked this one..)

we ambitiously planned to use a different picture for his australian passport but after this, we threw in the towel. he'll just have to deal with having two passports with the same goofy mugshot... 

so now, we are mobile and ready for adventure!! 



  1. They actually aren't too strict with babies' passport photos. We asked the Australian High Commission and they said they are more lenient until the kid is around 5. The one we used didn't even show both of K's ears. Same with the Singapore passport.

  2. say whattt!??!?! we went through all of that and they are not fussed! bah!

    thanks for the baby picture tips! we propped him on a pillow to take the pictures like M suggested! :)

  3. Lol.. it's a cute piccie! Love the hair! :)


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