Monday, July 23, 2012

five things :: from ginza

on friday, jen and i went to ginza for a spot of shopping 
because we both needed new summer sandals.

here are some of my new spoils...

some bump-friendly summer dresses from zara 
(on sale!) 

a soft summer scarf, which i've used twice this weekend!!
i love the dots!!!

im still avoiding maternity wear
so these uniqlo capri leggings are fabulous in summer...

LBD from alexander wang.. couldn't decide if i should show you the front or back..
but its such a cool dress. bonus points :: it made me feels tinier!!

and a slouchy shopper from marni.
jen spotted it and when i went back the second time to caress the smoooshy leather,
i knew i had to bring it home! *sigh* soooo soft!!

conclusion, shopping trip - major fail! 
we didn't get our summer sandals at ALL!!! 
so i guess we'd have to go again this week!
life sucks! :)

p.s. for the rest of this week, i'd be sharing a 4-part series featuring one of my summer must-haves... 
tea! im really looking forward to it! in the meantime, stay cool and have a wonderful monday!!



  1. YAY for shopping! Boo that we didn't get sandals, but we got so many other things.. and almost all on sale! YAY! :)

  2. thats the BESTEST part too!! :) :) shopping whooooo!!!

  3. Replies
    1. they're hardy and really comfy!! i can't wait to use it lots!!

  4. What great finds! I love the dress and the bag!!! ;) Can't wait to see your 4-part series.. sounds like fun!

    1. yayy!! glad you approved! thought of you when i saw the bag cos i remembered what a huge fan you are of marni! :)

    2. Oops, guilty as charged (being a fan of Marni)! ;) But aww, so sweet that you would even think of me when you saw the bag! So great and fab buy indeed! Hehe

  5. Don't bother with maternity clothes - well, except maybe, elasticised maternity jeans or something. I just bought clothes one or two sizes bigger and I've now altered a few to fit, post-pregnancy :)

    1. ahhhh good to know! im eternally mortified that my size will stay the same even after i pop! *drama tears*


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