Monday, July 23, 2012

this morning...

im grateful for...

... time-off work to catch our breath and focus on more important things

... little flutters in my tummy all day long

... japanese ramen that tastes sooo good anytime of the day.

... friends who never tell shut me up when i whinge about looking/feeling like a whale.
(im trying to not obsess..)

... the girly treats that perks me up all the time.

... my husband (and muu) whose love is so undeservingly good it hurts.

... the froyo treats we sneak in-between meals.

... little adventures (and bumps) in life.

(what are you thankful for?)



  1. This is such a sweet gorgeous post. I honestly don't think you can look like a whale, even if you tried!

    1. aww thanks honey!! but honestly, definitely feeling a lot bigger and less mobile! *sigh*

  2. i am thankful that i can wake up to a lovely day every morning!

    P.S. i totally get you in your previous post - major shopping trip fail. ha! never fails to be distracted by something that comes along :P

    1. that's indeed something to be thankful for, huh? :)

      heehee! that's what keeps us going back for MORE!!! hope you scored some major deals this sale season!

    2. yes, been clearing out my closet to store the new loots! :P

      looking fabulous there, honey!

    3. thank hon! :) fingers crossed i can keep this up!!


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