Thursday, June 7, 2012

santa monica beach

by this point in our travels, it was starting to feel like we couldn't stomach any more yumminess! everything was so good and rich and we found ourselves full around the clock! also driving around spoils you a little! we found ourselves driving down the road to grab a pint of ice-cream. so lazy!

so we decided to take an afternoon off shopping and stretch our legs a little. and hit the famous santa monica beach. 

we picked a really gorgeous day to do that... 

we rented beach cruisers and rode down the entire strip until we got to venice beach..

soak in a little sunshine and chatted in the wind about life, about our babies and our future.
it was truly my happy place.

found an outdoor playground with adult sized monkey bars and swing things...
its nice to see so many people hanging out at the beach on a regular weekday!

 of course no beach day is complete without a corn dog. 
(p.s. my favorite food in the WORLD!)

the boy says i smile the biggest when i have food in my hand.
can't fight that! :) 

i wished we had a lovely beach driving distance away from home!
sometimes its just nice to get out there and wriggle your toes in the sand 
and feel the sea breeze. 

we drove back into town all refreshed with a ruddy healthy glow. 
seriously the best therapy.



  1. Your Hawaii posts are making me wanna go! My kind of holiday

    1. hawaii is fabulous! :) our christmas plans are still in play till further notice!!!

      if that happens it would be EPIC!

      p.s. and id suggest not staying in the room next door. i predict very interrupted sleep!

  2. Gorgeous pics, and what lovely bright blue skies. You do look really happy with the corn dog! lol.

    I love what Musashia did with the bags of popcorn..that is just waaaaaay cute.

    1. my favorite food on earth! (maybe a close second to the real hotdogs) and doesn't it remind you of carnival food?? :)

      he's a silly one! :)

  3. Hahahaha I think he must be right! You do look incredibly happy!

    I want to try a corn dog! I've never had one before. In fact I'm not even sure what it is...

    1. omg jian!! you HAVE to!!!! its a hotdog covered in cornmeal batter and then deepfried!!!!! soooooo so good (and bad at the same time!)

      i really don't have a healthy food record!


  4. Haha my boyfriend says the same about me and food too!

    Venice Beach looks so gorgeous in your photos! Everytime I take photos there are masses of people in them!

    1. i think we lucked out! it was a quiet weekday afternoon!! :)

      p.s. im glad we're girls that have genuine smiles induced by food and manicures(me at least)! :)


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