Wednesday, June 6, 2012

eats :: tacos on wheels in LA

one of the must-dos this trip was to hunt down the infamous taco trucks! 
we got help from recommendations from yelp for one in our hood (hollywood hills)...
but truthfully, we weren't quite sure what to expect.

but when we did find it, we were so excited 
and ordered up a storm of all their top favorites!!
at $1.50 a pop, they made an inexpensive and yummy meal...

set on the pavement of a car repair store, we didn't quite know where to eat 
so we popped back into our car and cozied up..
such a fun date night!

oops all gone! 

i still dream of these yummy tacos all the time...
someone brilliant should really bring this fun food concept to tokyo!!



  1. u look so cute in the last pic :)

  2. haha!! when with food, i look like that! :) that's my most genuine smile ever!!!

    p.s. you should try making this at home!!! im sure k will LOVE it!! :)

  3. Love the last pic... you look so happy finishing up the food! ;)

    1. as always! i wished i had more dignified food shots... but usually i look sheepishly famished!

  4. Oh so much fun! I want to hunt for a taco truck!! The idea excites me so!

    1. do they have those in london? :) my brother would LOVE to give it a go too!

  5. i love those ghetto taco trucks!!! i have one down the road at the gas station. i literally walk over to get my mexican fix. I never used to like mexican (all those beans!) but i've figured a way to eat mexican a-la-chinese style! I order a burrito sans beans and minus the wrap! It's Fried Rice with a Mexican twist!

    1. im soooo jealous!! :) i want one down the road from our home too!! :)

      i share the same sentiments about mexican! plus its the only american food that has the same level of spiciness!! yums!!


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