Tuesday, February 7, 2012

tutorial - how to make your bed

i've been a long time fan of martha stewart and real simple
they make life and house chores look so fuss-free and effortless! 
i spend my whole life aspiring to be as good as the whole team of photographers, stylists and editors working on "clever organizing solutions" or "sophisticated neutrals - how to".. 
such a realistic goal, i know!

today, im going to share how we make our bed, the allender style!

step one - make sure you have freshly laundered sheets with a spritz of lavender.

step two - match the inside tips of your duvet to the sheets and grip it from the inside.

step three - stand up straight with hands extended 
(like in jumping jack)

step four - squiggle your body out. while you're doing it, try not to crease the linen... 

step five - jump into bed for cuddle-fest.

~ c'est tout ~

that's how we roll around here!



  1. lol!!! that's one way to do it~! very creative.. and so zhing :P

  2. @ohmyomiyage

    its so funny but doesn't work for shorties like me! :)

  3. haha... was feeling a little blue today and this post totally cracked me up.

    Making duvets is definitely not a job for shorties... and so it folding them :)

    If u don't have the height, u better have the strength to fling it hard enough for it to straighten out on its own

  4. Ohohohoh!!! Love this post! :D

    I have to admit. The last time I made my own bed was more than 5 years ago. Laundry sorting and making of bed is very much the boyfriend's job! But I think he does it in a very similar way! XD

  5. Thanks for the post. You made me laugh! Exactly what I need today.

  6. @kennytricia

    hahah! team work! :) i always tell daniel that's his job in the team! :)

    hope you're feeling better today dear!


  7. @Jian

    lucky girlie! :) i try to do it myself but it takes forever and i have achey arms when im done fitting the sheets into the duvet!!

    this way is so much more fun! :)

  8. @OksanaB

    awwww *hugs* hope you're feeling better today!



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