Wednesday, February 8, 2012

my favorite things

today im organizing my medicine cabinet to make space for more yumminess! 
here are my favorites..

 { my everyday staples }

| chanel lift lumiere | maquillage pressed powder | benetint cha cha tint |
majolica majorca lash expander | la rose de versailles | ysl touche eclat | covermark concealer | mac creme de miel | shu uemura eyelash curler

{ for sparkley eyes }

| urban decay naked palette |

{ other daily essentials }

khiels lip balm # 1 | skII eye cream | sk II facial treatment essence |
mandom cleaning lotion | dior capture totale concentrate | clarins body lift

{ nail candy }

| canmake base coat | essie master plan | essie its in the bag |
opi only gold for me | opi who needs a prince? | opi i peeled off the label 
seche vite top coat | etude house mini french

... as i sit knee deep in these lovely jars and bottles (in a little bit of a shock how much a self-professed-not-beauty-junkie owns..) i got sentimental that each of these lovelies tell a story. each one is a recommendation from someone pretty, an oldie from my dancing days, a treat during a vacation or a gift. just thinking of it makes me feel prettier!! 

isn't its wonderful to be surrounded by them everyday...
what's in your vanity kit? 



  1. I really need someone to teach me how to do regular makeup... at the age of 24 I still do not know how to use kohl properly~~~

  2. @Ms.Godzilla

    i youtube most things! but japanese makeup counter ladies are fabulous! you can definitely ask them for help!

    i was getting a mascara the other day and the shu uemura lady insisted on doing my whole face up properly! lol :)

  3. i feel like a slob because i only slap on some concealer, loose powder, a light blush on the cheeks and head out.

    i don't use mascara unless i have formal dinners to attend cos i lazy to remove!

  4. You've seen mine! :) I just ordered the Urban Decay Naked palette but 1, yours is 2 right?

  5. oh my, where should i even begin? :P

    my vanity kit is ever-growing!

    but i do try to keep my makeup routine simple - primer, concealer, powder foundation, eyeliner, blush and lip balm :D

    alright, it doesn't look that simple anymore after listing them out.

    as for skincare-wise, i have to keep it simple as i have uber sensitive skin now :((( no thanks for the climatic change!

  6. @missustay

    don't see it as a reflection of your laziness more like a reflection of your clear skin and natural beauty!

    think if i try to leave home w/o make up, i might scare too many people in the streets!! hha! :)

  7. @Andrea

    mine is the older one (i think)! do you like it??

  8. @ladytricia

    i really need to take make up tips from you! i really like the way you do your make up! always looking so fresh but not completely made up!!!

    (you know what i mean?)

  9. you know as a beauty junkie this is probably one of my favourite posts from you lol

  10. @E. Kay

    reaaaaally?? more than the foodie shots! :)

    hahaa you should do this one too! it would be fun to get a sneak peek into your make up kit!


  11. Always wanted to get the Urban Decay NAKED palette..but I feel like I already have so many duplicate shades. Looks beautiful none the less

  12. @Fashion to Go

    i had reservations too but was given the palette on my birthday! never looked back!


  13. It's in the U.S - just ordered it :P Will pick it up when I'm next there.
    This is the one that I got,default,pd.html
    Naked 2 is this -,default,pd.html

  14. Very nice selection of favourite everyday things!

    I see you put your Sk-ii facial essence inside a ... little...spray bottle, is it?

    My everyday favourites I listed out in a 4 or 5 day bonanza on my blog a couple of months ago xD breaking down by type of product! So not really simple at all!

    Skincare I reckon I can list without clogging your comments box: Clarins pure melt cleansing gel, Philosophy Purity made simple cleanser, SK-II Facial Clear Lotion, Benzoyl Peroxide 5% gel, Clarins Eye Balm for Very Dry Skin and Clarins Hydra-Matte Lotion for combination skin. :)

  15. @Jian

    yes i do! i carry it around with me in-flight that way and realized it such an easy way to use my facial essence! spray on and pat it in! :)

    ooooo thanks for the tips hon! i'll definitely try your reccomendations one by one! :)


  16. you are being generous with your compliment! wait till you see the real deal :P

    hmm, i think the secret lies with my enlargement lenses ;) and you are spoilt for choices in Japan!

  17. @ladytricia

    reaaaly!:) i've never tried. any recommended brands or style to start with?

  18. hmm, i am currently wearing this and loving it!

    may be a tad loud for beginners but i think brown is a good color to play with ;) since black can look really harsh!

  19. @ladytricia

    thanks for the tips! i'll look out for those in my shopping later this afternoon!!! :)

    yayyyyy! :)


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