Friday, January 6, 2012

food:: tzatziki

my mother in law left yesterday, leaving three broken hearts in the house. it was so nice having her around we wanted to kidnap her from work. farewells are especially difficult for me.

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when she was in town, she whipped up this fabulous tzatziki. 
so simple and delicious that i thought i'd share here!

what you need::
plain yogurt
japanese cucumber
garlic powder
salt & pepper to taste
chopped mint or parsley (optional)

:: instructions ::
rondelle the cucumber & mix everything together 
chill to serve. c'est tout!

we had it with burritos (yums!) but i reckon it would make a great side for many dishes!
hope you enjoy it!



  1. looks yummy! thanks for dropping by and comment in my blog....I love your blog and love to follow you.


  2. i get along and love my mother in law to death too!! don't understand why some of my gfs can't stand theirs. i'd assume its because they lived under the same roof (absence makes the heart grow fonder theory). thing is, i live with both my mum and dad in law. its brilliant!!!

    so nice to hear for a change someone i know who adores her mother in law!! *huuugss* Tzatziki looks yums!!

  3. @Rochelle's Closet

    thanks for dropping in! :) hope to see you around more in the bloggy world!

  4. @guerrrilla

    i think we have lots to be thankful for! i can only imagine how hard it would be to have someone in your family that you can't get along with!!

    *high five*

  5. Love tzatziki. I add a little garlic too and lemon juice!

  6. YUMMY! I'd love to try this recipe out some day~ ^^

  7. Hi! I tried the recipe tonight as a substitute for sour cream for fajitas. Delicious with cilantro. Thanks for the east recipe!


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