Thursday, January 5, 2012

tokyo:: tsuru tontan udon in roppongi

im a creature of habit. so jen from oh my omiyage had to coerce me into this one ... which turned out to be the best thing ever! i was feeling a little "meh" that day with a tickle at the back of my throat but she convinced me that there is nothing a hot bowl of chicken soup can't fix. and she was right!

open concept kitchen! i quite like sitting at the bar and watching the chefs buzz around!

 mum's pick - nabe udon
 the servings are MASSIVE!

the husband loves his katsu curry. 
and i dug into my meal (typical...) before we could get a picture. but my favorite is kitsune udon , the classic one with one GIANT piece of sweet tofu skin.

last "TGIF" meal of the year!! :)

 the husband being a good sport. 

he is not crazy about this place cos i always send him to stand in line for a spot. (they get popular at dinnertime!) plus soupy noodles is not his kinda thing. but everytime i get to pick a restaurant, this is my go-to place!!

restaurant:: tsuru tontan
address:: 3-14-12 roppongi, minato-ku, tokyo
 tel:: 03-5786-2626



  1. yum yumm!! i haven't been here for awhile because once the cold weather hit, there's always such a long line! they gave daniel a bib? haha i always wonder why some people get bibs and some people don't. i got a bib once at a ramen shop, and i thought it was because my top was too low cut... but that can't be it if daniel got one too!!

  2. Oh! The husband and I are so in love with this place! We had it at Haneda airport when we arrived and when we left! We even bought 8 uncooked packs to bring back! We love the cold Udon best!

  3. the place looks delicious!! I wish I can try it out!

  4. tsk tsk. i was giggling over the word 'nabe' the whole time.

    and i will make justin don the yukata and take a picture of him.

    actually, he wore that one halloween with a fake knife 'stuck' into his belly, harakiri style.

    oh and you've been tagged here!

  5. @ohmyomiyage

    daniel got a bib cos he was white! hahahah! :) either that or cos he was eating curry udon which is slurpier? xx

  6. @fernoftheforest

    whatt?? they have it at haneda? i am always strapped for choice in haneda and end up eating oden!

    next time i'll look for this! :)

    we have their instant pack and soup stock in our fridge too! :)

  7. @punkychewster

    wanna hear something funnier? crab nabe = kani nabe! i giggle everytime i see it! :)

    i love his halloween idea! and got the tag!

    oops i prolly should email you this instead of writing a comment! :) xx

  8. Hi there - will be in Tokyo shortly and would love to visit this restaurant. Can you describe roughly where it is to me, or is there a map somewhere? The address means nothing to me!

  9. @Nick Vasey

    hi nick! you can find a map here

    otherwise, from the roppongi crossing, walk towards don quixote. the restaurant is right before don quixote, across from macdonalds! hard to miss!

    good luck! :)


  10. my husband LOVEs this place hahaha.. I've been there a few times after a night out. The udon is good there!

  11. @Nic Nic

    i just wished they weren't so busy in the evenings! waiting for food is such a bummer especially in the cold!


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