Monday, January 16, 2012

five things..

our best friends fly in tomorrow and marks the beginning of (yet another) week of wining and dining! just to make things more exciting we're going on a ROADTRIPPP!!
of course there are 5 works days to get out of the way before the weekend but....
weeheeee! i can't wait!!

before each guest arrives, i go into this crazed clean-up session.
here are some fun things around the home!

little remnants of christmas

glitter flats & winter blacks

custard tarts warmed in the oven

 japanese fish cakies

bunny stickers i use so carefully cos i love them all.. 
p.s. the bunny hiding as a panda is gold!

happy monday, darlings!



  1. Great post hope you have fun with your friends. Never tried the japanese fish cakies before how are they?

  2. Hey, i just posted on my pair of sparkly flats too! :) Don't they just put you instantly into the right mood :)

  3. Oooh hope you have a great time with your friends! :3

    I go into frenzied panic cleaning mode too, but unfortunately it's a rather stressful affair for me. It looks like you must have quite a bit of fun when you do yours :P

  4. @kennytricia

    sparkley toes five!! :) i'll go check out yours now!

  5. @Jian

    only because i write about selective bits of it! :) haha you should see me tearing my hair out trying to remove water stains from our bathroom!

    *silent tear*

  6. I love your bunny stickers! I used to get my sticker fix at Loft and Tokyo Hands too.. hehe..

    And Jap fishcakes.. one of my fave too!

  7. i love jap fish cake! something the hubby do not comprehend --- no taste lah he says.

  8. @Janice\

    oooo hi five! :) its not super tastey but i love the patterns! i have pikachu fishcake this week! :)

  9. Love your collection of bunny stickers, so cute! Have a nice week and wonderful trip with your friends.

  10. @OksanaB thanks! Im so attached to them I take a long time to pick out the best one that represents whoever I'm writing to!! Hahah..

    Still have not found a good panda bunny receiver!

  11. water stains? do you mean the calcification that gets left behind on porcelain and on taps? there is a product you can buy to remove that realy easily! Not sure if it's available in Jp!

  12. @Jian

    yes exactly! i have a water stain removing cloth and im polishing my taps all the time! kinda silly!!

    if you know, would you kindly share the name of the product? i'll get my brother to pick it up for me!

  13. Happy Belated Monday!! Sounds like the roadtrip with your friends is going to be a lot of fun. Make sure to take lots of pictures!!

    Aww~ pseudo bunny panda is too cute~

  14. @tiffyama

    i will! :) especially when im not on my snowboard!! :)

  15. It's called Viakal limescale spray! my mum used to scrub like a crazy person, then once when she was at work she noticed the cleaner was cleaning the taps in the toilet with a spray, and she asked them how there was no limescale: viakal! she bought a bottle and from then on literally no more scrubbing! XD

    Definitely get some if you can! Makes life mmuuuuuch easier!


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